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Our All-Natural Product Ingredients

We go to great lengths to procure the most exceptional, fair-trade, organic, unrefined Shea Butter and Shea Nut Oil; the purest, all-natural, therapeutic grade Essential Oils; and, the highest quality, organic, unrefined Virgin Coconut and Grapeseed oils possible. We use only all-natural botanicals in our products.

Absolutely No Chemicals!Fair Traded Shea Butter - Organic and Unrefined

NO Synthetic Fragrances

NO Synthetic Colorings  

NO Alcohol

NO Glycerin

NO Parabens

NO Preservatives

NO Silicones 

NO Water

NO Mineral Oil

NO Palm OilTherapeutic Grade Essential Oils

NO Lanolin

NO Petroleum

NO Beeswax

NO Fillers

NO Gluten 

NO Animal Testing

100% Natural, Paraben Free, Made in USA, Vegan, Fair Trade, 100% Cruelty Free
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