About Us

Our Story

I started Okwuma Originals because I had a desire to create natural and holistic health alternatives. I quickly became passionate about what I was creating and that passion evolved into a commitment to helping others.

In the summer of 2018, I suffered a horrible bout of shingles on my scalp, face, and body. I had been making all-natural Shea-based hair and skin products enhanced with Essential Oils for myself, family, and friends for over ten years. With this in mind, I decided to research natural ways to deal with the debilitating shingles pain, itching, and overall malaise instead of taking prescription opioids.

I combined the wonderful anti-inflammatory and moisturizing properties of raw Shea with organic, virgin coconut and/or grapeseed oils then added the healing power of pure, therapeutic grade Essential Oils. I made numerous botanical formulations - butters, creams, oils, and spray mixtures - and was able to drastically reduce the pain and shorten the duration of the shingles as well as the subsequent postherpetic neuralgia.

My family and friends then encouraged me to start a business so that others could benefit from my various, highly effective, all-natural skin and hair care creations  Thus, Okwuma Originals was born! 

Three distinct, signature Essential Oil blends form the cornerstone of our product line:

Revitalizing - Uplifting and energizing. Provides positive mood enhancement. Invigorates and energizes your mind and body. The aroma is floral with citrus notes.

Restorative - Relaxing and calming. Offers peace of mind and tranquility. Unwinds your mind and body. The aroma is woodsy and slightly herbaceous.

Relief - Soothing, anti-inflammatory, and analgesic. Can diminish muscle aches and joint pain. The aroma is fresh, warm, and earthy.

Each blend contains seven high-quality, specifically-combined, therapeutic grade Essential Oils. Many Shea-based products have Essential Oils; however, most do not contain a powerful synergistic blend of seven!

Our Shea-based Essential Oil blends are available in the following formulas:
  Shea Butter-based Hair & Body Butters or Muscle & Joint Cream
-  Shea Oil-based Hair & Body Oils or Muscle & Joint Massage Oil
-  Shea Butter-based Exfoliating Body Scrubs
-  Bath Soaking Salts
-  Home Spa Gift Boxes

These all-natural products are lovingly handcrafted in the USA and are carefully formulated in small batches to ensure the freshest user experience.

Our Mission
We want to share our distinct, high-quality, all natural skin and hair care creations to enhance the well-being of every customer we serve. We hope you enjoy using them as much as we enjoy making them!