*** It’s Hair & Body Oil Season! Lightweight and beautifully textured. Use from head to toe! ***

Okwuma Originals Shea-based Hair and Skin Care

All-natural, organic products grounded in the art and science of essential oil aromatherapy. Formulated to positively affect your mind, body and spirit!

Welcome To Okwuma Originals!

Shea butter and oil from the Shea nut tree are known as “Okwuma” in the language of the West African Igbo people. Shea is the primary carrier base for our essential oil-infused product line. It has been used for centuries as a remarkable skin moisturizer and an extraordinary hair conditioner. Shea contains vitamins and lipids that penetrate to deeply nourish hair and skin. 

Essential oils are known to offer countless aromatherapy and topical benefits. Our Shea-based, essential oil-infused products are specifically formulated to improve your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. When using our hair and skin care products you are experiencing the phenomenal power of plants!

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The Revitalizing Hair & Body Butter hydrated my parched feet and conditioned my brittle color-treated hair. Love it from head to toe!

Joan S.

Fabulous products! I'm a hair stylist and esthetician and my clients love what it does for their hair and skin.

Patricia M.

The Restorative blend oil is super moisturizing. Keeps my beard tamed and the smell is awesome!

Bill J.

The Relief line is fantastic! Love how it makes my muscles feel after a work-out and love the smell.

Sandra C.

OMG! This Revitalizing scrub is great. Love the Hair & Body Butter too. The scent makes you come alive.

Sue P.

I'm really enjoying my Okwuma Originals and the all natural ingredients.

Nadia L.

The products are made with love and care. I've noticed a wonderful improvement in my hair and skin.

Donna S.

My bad knee thanks me every day for finding Okwuma Originals Relief Cream!

Jim C.

Unlike any Shea butter products I've ever tried. Definitely unique and effective. I highly recommend the Restorative oil. Simply divine!

Cathy W.