*** Spring has sprung. It’s Hair & Body Oil Season! Lightweight and beautifully textured. Use from head to toe and everywhere in between! ***

Our Signature Essential Oil Blends

All of our Shea-based products are infused with high-quality, all natural, therapeutic grade essential oils. Three Signature Essential Oil Blends form the cornerstone of our product line: 
Each distinct blend contains seven specifically-combined essential oils.
Many Shea-based products contain essential oils; however, most do not contain a powerful synergistic blend of seven! We invite you to "Feel the Aroma".


Uplifting and energizing -- it invigorates the senses with its floral aroma of Rose and Geranium perfectly balanced with the sensual scents of Ylang Ylang and Jasmine, tinged with exhilarating citrus notes of Sweet Orange and Neroli to awaken and revive your senses, along with the slightest hint of refreshing Peppermint. This blend is the perfect pick-me-up. Inhale exuberance; exhale lethargy.
The essential oils in our Revitalizing blend are said to have the following properties: Rose - strengthens hair follicles and rejuvenates skin; Geranium - tones skin and balances scalp; Ylang Ylang - reduces hair breakage and moisturizes skin; Jasmine - provides hair and skin nutrients; Sweet Orange - repairs skin and protects hair, vitamin C packed; Neroli - conditions hair and skin; Peppermint - increases circulation to encourage hair growth and radiant skin. 


Relaxing and calming -- the soothing, spicy-citrusy aroma of Bergamot is paired with the tranquil, warm and woodsy scents of Cedarwood and Cypress, and the peaceful bouquets of Lavender and Chamomile, mixed with the grounding, earthy aroma of Frankincense, and a tinge of tart Tangerine. Use this blend when you want to restore your inner peace. Inhale peace; exhale worry. 
The essential oils in our Restorative blend are said to have the following benefits: Bergamot - promotes healthy hair and skin; Cedarwood - hair growth and calming skin; Cypress - luxurious hair; glowing skin; Frankincense - powerful anti-oxidant, vitamin E packed; Lavender - hydrates hair and skin; Chamomile - softens hair and skin; Tangerine - hair repair and age-spot reduction, vitamin C packed.   


The beneficial properties of all the essential oils in the Relief blend are said to be anti-inflammatory, soothing, and analgesic. Combined, they are a perfect pain-diminishing powerhouse! Circulation-boosting Turmeric, warm Ginger, and rich Frankincense are combined with toxin-eliminating Sweet Orange, comforting Lavender, and refreshing Eucalyptus and Peppermint. The aroma is earthy and warm with spice notes. Try this blend for muscle aches and joint pain. 

All three of our Shea-based Signature Essential Oil Blends are available in the following formulations:
Hair & Body Butters
Muscle & Joint Cream
Hair & Body Oils
Muscle & Joint Oil
Exfoliating Body Scrubs
Bath Soaking Salts