*** Our Butter Season has Ended. Time to get our Lightweight Hair & Body Oils for spring and summer ***

“Triple Treat” Butter Sampler Pack

“Triple Treat” Butter Sampler Pack

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We understand that some people like to try sample sizes of products before committing to full-size purchases so, we offer a "Triple Treat" bundle of our two Hair & Body Butters and our Muscle & Joint Cream You get three, sample-sized 1/4 oz. jars

Organic, unrefined Shea butter and organic, virgin coconut oil are infused with our three, all-natural, Signature Essential Oil Blends: Revitalizing, Restorative, and Relief.

Try all three — we can't wait to find out which ones will become your favorites! 

(See individual product descriptions for list of specific essential oils used in each Signature Essential Oil Blend)